Saturday, 4 June 2011

backstage at Brighton Fashion Week

Yesterday I worked Brighton Fashion Week's Couture Show which was a great experience despite the long hours, as I got an insight into how a fashion show is run. I was assigned to Masato ( as his dresser/stylist and helped to organise the shoes, running order and fittings. I also worked behind the scenes during the show, assisting models in quick changes which was manic but so satisfying once the show was over. I worked the Ready-to-Wear show today too, which had a more relaxed atmosphere than yesterday, and displayed amazing collections - my favourite was menswear created by Ingo Shayenge.

A few of my favourite designers from the couture show (pictures taken from

Edward Finney by Aris Vrakas

Masato by Aris Vrakas

Jess Eaton 'Roadkill Couture' by Kris Mitchell

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