Thursday, 26 August 2010

Burberry's aviator platform boot

Featured in the A/W10 runway, these calf leather, shirling-wool lined, platform Burberry boots may just be the shoe of the season as not only are they stylish, they're practical too (if we ignore the 13cm heel) - the sheepskin lining no doubt will keep your toes toasty and they have gripped army soles to perhaps give you a chance of keeping upright in the hazardous winter weather conditions.
However, if the £695 price-tag is a bit much, the high street offers a brilliant alternative - check out these New Look aviator boots £34.99.Gorgeous with chunky knitwear in khaki, slate or cream. This jumper dress from Topshop £40 would be perfect, with some black leggings or tights too.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

my favourite summer buys

colours: grey, cream, black
prints: floral, butterfly and tie-dye

New Look lace and eyelet-fronted hanky-hem vest - £18

Primark boat shoes - £6

Matalan studded heels - I think these were about £16

New Look hanky hem vest - I bought this in pink and charcoal too because they were only £6 each

All Saints tunic - I think this was about £28 in the sale

Mango high-waisted shorts - £4 from a charity shop

Primark floral jeans - £14

New Look platform suedette heels - £20

Topshop eyelet-fronted with corset detailing summer dress - £25

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Lost Explorer by Tim Walker

I've just read in September 2010's Vogue that Tim Walker will be releasing a film titled 'The Lost Explorer', based on a short story by Patrick McGrath, which will be released on DVD in the new year. The story follows Evelyn, a 12-year old girl who finds a Victorian explorer in a tent at the bottom of her garden. I can't wait to see Walker's film ability which I do not doubt will remain true to his surreal, elegantly beautiful style - Vogue's article reveals that the film includes 'a dream sequence in which 300 canaries flit around a huge glass armada', and that the explorer's tent is 'filled with fluttering moths'. The photographer comments "Fashion photography works in fantasy and escapism, which is what film deals in too. With photography, you're always freezing a moment rather than liberating it. There have been so many times when I've been taking a picture and I see something beautiful happen, like wind blowing through the set, and I thought, 'If only we were filming that'".
read about it on the vogue website

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Glamour magazine

Bought the latest issue of Glamour today which is a 'bespoke' special south-west issue, focusing on Bristol. There are 8 issues each featuring a relevant place to which area you buy an issue from (Bristol, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Newcastle, London, Scotland, Birmingham and Cymru), with Katy Perry on the cover modelling a tshirt of the relevant place. I think this is a really good idea as it's like a 2-in-1 tourist guide and fashion magazine, and I'm going to Bristol in a couple of weeks so the vouchers will be ideal!
check it out here

Looking through the masses of adverts, I find that Vivienne Westwood's Accesories ad causes me to stop and look at it a while longer than the rest of them. Shot by Juergen Teller, the image appears to have a similar effect to using the flash on a digital camera - blown-out lighting, with the 'make-up' similar to halloween face-paint, and messy hair. I find this campaign so effective as instead of portraying a flawless subject who I can hopelessly aspire to be like, it catches my eye by how different it is to the other adverts. Would love to see more designers using quirky imagery in their advertising campaigns.
This isn't the same image I saw but has a similar effect:

Sunday, 8 August 2010

today i wore...

crop top from Topshop, black vest from H&M, jeans from H&M, boat shoes from New Look (they're actually men's, i only realised once i looked at the size printed inside and it said 6/40, i thought this was a mistake and was meant to be 39 but then my shoe knowledge from working as a shoe sales assistant came flooding back to me and i realised i had actually bought a pair of men's shoes... maybe i'm going for the androgynous look)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

final major project

these are 4 images from a series of 9 from my art foundation self-initiated final major project titled 'explore the ways in which household activities can influence fashion'. i displayed them by hanging the photos on a piece of string, hung using mini wooden pegs. i created the aprons using household items such as paper doilies, j-cloths and clothes pegs
model- Annabelle Lowes
photographer- Timothy Durkin
hair&make-up- Chelsea Shiels
location- The Spring arts&heritage centre, Havant

influences included 1950s household items advertisements, pin-up girls, Desperate Housewives, Tim Walker's 'Make Do and Mend' photoshoot, Anne Taintor...

i wanted to create that household pin-up type of look but with a modern edge using pose and attitude to give off that frustrated housewife vibe. thanks to everyone who contributed!

Friday, 6 August 2010

good evening

This is the beginning of my fashion blog! I'll be using this to share my influences as well as interesting pretty little things I might happen to see/purchase.

First proper post will be up tomorrow.
Lara x