Monday, 30 April 2012

bits and bobs

Had lots of beauty bits and bobs over the past week to update you on!

So first of all, went to a beauty party on Friday which was lovely, especially as it involved Domino's and champagne! Had a back, neck and shoulder massage, as well as HD brows and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. I've had a brow wax and tint before, but loved the effect of HD brows. Using a combination of techniques including waxing, threading, tinting and plucking, a strong, defined brow making the most of your natural shape is created. Mine actually looked fuller than they did before, so pleased with them.
Also I'm so happy with my eyelash extensions, I had a half-set spread across the eye as I have quite short and relatively sparse eyelashes as I'm half Filipino. I asked for them not much longer than my natural lashes, and the effect is that of a good coat of mascara. They're comfortable to sleep and wash in, and last up to 6 weeks if taken good care of. I just have to think before rubbing my eyes in the morning! Oils can dissolve the glue that attaches the lashes to your natural ones so using a non-oil based mascara and cleanser ensures they last longer. They're attached to your lashes not your skin so they fall out when your natural lashes do. To be honest, I don't think there's a need to wear mascara with these. Really, really impressed and will be keeping these maintained with infills, I love the fact my make-up takes less time to do in the morning and no under-eye mascara smudges by the afternoon!

Treated myself to a new Mac lipstick when I went to Westfield last weekend, I originally want the Dior Rouge shade I was matched to at Vogue Festival but couldn't stretch to the £25 price tag so went for this alternative, Dark Side, £13.50. It's a black cherry colour with raspberry pink undertones as you can see in the below pictures (taken with and without flash). I really like the finish of it - using a lip brush, I'm able to build up the colour for a stain effect, and it's edgy without being too vampy.

Treated myself to this Zara top while at Westfield too, for £39.99. I look a bit funny in these pictures and they don't show it off to it's full potential but it's a lovely thick cream boucle knit(?) material with padded shoulder details and gold clips at the back with a transparent panel. I wore it with indigo skinny jeans, a leather jacket and cream suede brogues today but it'd be great with a black skirt and gold blazer for a smarter look. I'm in love with Zara at the moment, this is the third top I've bought from them in about the past month (as well as the fantasy studded blazer in my Vogue Festival post!). As I'll be graduating from university next year, I'm starting to piece together a working wardrobe instead of falling for trends that I won't be able to wear in a couple of year's time. Working wardrobes don't need to be boring - this top's smart but cheeky with the panel at the back.

Finally, after a long break, I'm trying to get back into nail art. I picked up a few new polishes on Oxford St yesterday to create this chic sparkly design:

The purple looks so different in different lights! It's more a red purple as seen in the first picture rather than the blue purple as seen in the pictures above and below.

Left to right: American Apparel Glitter in Supernova (great dupe for the much-hyped about Opi Rainbow Connection - has loads of glitter particles in it and dries to a smooth, not gritty, finish), Barry M in 342 Nude and 303 Bright Purple. I painted the nude base colour first, followed by the tips then the glitter.

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