Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Lost Explorer by Tim Walker

I've just read in September 2010's Vogue that Tim Walker will be releasing a film titled 'The Lost Explorer', based on a short story by Patrick McGrath, which will be released on DVD in the new year. The story follows Evelyn, a 12-year old girl who finds a Victorian explorer in a tent at the bottom of her garden. I can't wait to see Walker's film ability which I do not doubt will remain true to his surreal, elegantly beautiful style - Vogue's article reveals that the film includes 'a dream sequence in which 300 canaries flit around a huge glass armada', and that the explorer's tent is 'filled with fluttering moths'. The photographer comments "Fashion photography works in fantasy and escapism, which is what film deals in too. With photography, you're always freezing a moment rather than liberating it. There have been so many times when I've been taking a picture and I see something beautiful happen, like wind blowing through the set, and I thought, 'If only we were filming that'".
read about it on the vogue website

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