Tuesday, 1 November 2011

black swan, raspberry nails

Happy Halloween (for yesterday)! I love this time of year when everyone really gets into the spirit of spooky dressing up and then there's bonfire night and Christmas lights switching on, I feel so festive!

I went to a Halloween party on Friday night, and, with very little time to decide on/make a costume, I opted for Black Swan. My costume consisted of a black vest top, black leggings, ballet pumps and a black feather hair clip from Accessorize (£18). I bought a black eyeshadow, white eyeshadow and lipstick from the MUA make up range at Superdrug, and as each item only costs £1 and there was a 3 for 2 offer on, I picked up three pieces of make up for just £2! Obviously the quality isn't brilliant, but it was absolutely fine for the purpose: it was relatively easy to apply and it stayed on all night.
I powdered my face with talcum powder first, applied Benefit Thrrrob blusher to the apples of my cheeks and then drew the black feather outlines around my eyes, covering my eyebrows. I filled the outlines in with black eyeshadow and then wet an eyeshadow applicator before using the white eyeshadow to flick white lines across the black. Wetting eyeshadow brushes is a great trick to transform an eyeshadow into an eyeliner and create neater lines of colour, as using dry eyeshadow to line the eyes usually creates smudgy edges.

These are my nails this week:

The colours don't look quite like this in real life, they're actually rose gold and burgundy. The nail varnishes are Rimmel Lycra Pro in Golden Totem and Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry. I really like the raspberry varnish as in some lights it looks really pink and in others it looks like more of a red wine colour. I achieved this look by painting my nails with Golden Totem and then starting from each corner of my nail bed, sweeping the raspberry polish up to the tip.

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