Thursday, 2 February 2012

Italian winter sun

So I am off to Italy for five days on Monday, dividing the time between Milan and Florence, and I am SO excited. Having changed my money and booked a table at Dolce & Gabbana's Gold Restaurant, it finally feels like it's really happening. However, with forecasted lows of -13°C (ouch), highs barely above freezing point, light snow and clear sunny skies, I headed into town today to arm myself with things to protect me from the elements.

Earmuffs - Topshop, £5 from £14

Sunglasses - New Look, £4.99

Real suede gloves - Accessorize, £6.60 from £22

And a little something for the evening...

Cream and gold beaded satin clutch bag - New Look, £19.99


  1. Just found your blog :-)
    Love everything featured in this post, esp the gloves! they are gorgeous.
    Also, I have recently bought that clutch, I love the detail when you unclasp it, how the beading stops in a scallop edge and the rest is plain silk. Lovely! x

    1. hello! sorry i've only just seen your comment! ahh thank you, unfortunately I lost one of those gloves in Florence, so sad, but hoping they'll bring them out again next year :( x

    2. Aw that's unfortunate! but Florence ey, what a place to lose a glove. But yeah, they're a classic style so hopefully they come back in the autumn! x

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