Saturday, 16 June 2012

jingley jangley

I don't usually wear a lot of jewellery apart from a watch, so I'm very picky when I do buy it. I love geometric elements, bold earrings and tiny charms. I think Urban Outfitters always have a really good selection of lovely, quirky pieces that are still very wearable.

I'd been lusting after this necklace for a couple of months but couldn't justify the £18 price tag. However, I popped into Urban Outfitters the other day and was delighted to find that it was in the sale for £9! It's long, dropping to mid-torso, and made up of a plaited chain and pastel mint thread, with gold beads and antique silver triangle charms. You can buy it here, although only the peach version is available online.

Also I was lusting after this cute silver necklace, with tiny silver skull charms but decided my budget could only stretch to one necklace. My sneaky boyfriend Chris snuck off and bought it for me though, hiding it in my room for me to find after he left! Aren't I lucky? <3 :) This one was also in the sale, £5 down from £10. You can buy it online here.

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