Thursday, 15 September 2011

déjà vu

This is my most recent fashion buy, a gorgeous mulberry/burgundy Pins & Needles pleat neck dress from Urban Outfitters. If it looks familiar, that's because I also have it in a coral colour (which I posted about here). I usually avoid buying the same piece of clothing in different colours as it reminds me of a programme I watched once where it showed Simon Cowell's wardrobe and he had about a hundred of the same grey t-shirt and black high-waisted trousers, but it was £22 in the sale from £48 and free delivery at the time so I couldn't resist. I love this colour for autumn/winter as it isn't garish but adds some colour to the dreary weather. I also think this colour is a bit more versatile than the coral version; I can wear this one with black tights whereas the coral dress looks best with bare legs.

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