Thursday, 13 October 2011

zig zag

When thinking of what nail design I could do next, I thought of the beautiful colourful Missoni zig zag prints, and attempted to translate this pattern onto my nails. Using Barry M Nail Paint in Coral as the base colour, I then used white and gold nail pens to create the zig zags across the nails. Trickier than I expected as it does require precision and using white on coral means there's no room for error! They do look a little messy up close but overall I think they look cool and quirky.

When creating intricate designs like this, the last thing I want is for the paint to chip a couple of days later. There's one trick I've learnt that's made them last about a week, and that's to make sure the nail polish is sealed. If you look at the edge of your nail after you've painted them and you can see the white of the tip of your nail then they're not sealed and will be prone to chipping. To avoid this, use a little polish on the brush and sweep across the edge of your nail. You may get some on your skin but don't worry if it's messy as you can just use a cotton bud with some nail varnish remover to clean it up. I also top up throughout the week, covering parts where the varnish has chipped or flaked off the edge, because with designs like this, where there's lots going on, you can barely notice the repairs.

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