Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year!

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had amazing nights and aren't feeling too fragile today.

Yesterday I wore:

Fluffy jumper from New Look that I mentioned a couple of posts ago, it makes me feel like Big Bird but it's so comfy. I wore it with my Topshop Jamie skinny jeans and new Topshop Alba wedge boots.

I threw on my double-breasted jersey coat from H&M and took my standard bag from Topshop (as well as a canvas tote for my sleepover stuff!)

I really had the shopping bug yesterday so treated myself to a few items:

Oversized flecked cable knit cardigan - £29.99, New Look

Leather-look biker jacket - £39.99, New Look

Weekend bag - £9, Primark

Mini triangle charm bracelet - £6, Urban Outfitters

So happy with my purchases! It's lovely having a big cosy cardigan to wrap up in on lazy days, and I have three black ones so it's a nice change. I desperately want an AllSaints leather jacket (such an investment piece) but unfortunately don't have a spare £300 so this one from New Look will have to do. When buying faux leather I always look for texture - creases and crinkles make it much more convincing, when it's flat and smooth it's such a giveaway! When I bought it there were a couple of others that looked too smooth, and even though it was the same style item, choosing carefully makes a difference between a jacket that looks like it costs £20 and a jacket that looks closer to £70. I've needed a new weekend bag for a while as I get loads of use out of them and end up scuffing the corners. I couldn't believe the quality of this Primark bag for the price as the front panel is woven. As for the bracelet, I've been lusting over triangle jewellery for a while now and it was just too cute to pass up.

Wishing everyone lots of luck for 2012.

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