Friday, 30 December 2011

christmas haul

I've enjoyed having a nosy at other bloggers' Christmas presents so thought I'd share mine with you. I received some really lovely gifts this year, I felt so spoilt to the point of feeling guilty of having so much stuff!

- Books: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, Etcetera (a really lovely interior design book), Shopping for Vintage, Style Diaries
- Beauty: Soap & Glory Big Splendour, Clinique 3-Step Skincare, Sanctuary Spa trio, Urban Decay Volume IV, Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette, Models Own Nail Art Pen, Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen, Original Source Vanilla and Cocoa Bubble Bath, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector, Dove Fresh Pink Pampering Set
- Food & Drink: Disaronno, Sourz Raspberry, Green & Black's White Chocolate, Lindt bear, Hotel Chocolat
- Misc.: Topshop Alba boots, H&M knickers, Urban Outfitters christmas socks, incense holder, incense, Glade With Love candle, candle holder, purse, John Lewis towel set, Homedics Splash waterproof mini massager

Can't wait to review my beauty products and my Alba boots will definitely be featuring in future outfit posts.

I tested out my Models Own Nail Art Pen today:

I used Nails Inc in Basil Street as my base colour, and went for an accent nail with black lace design. I think nude underlay and black lace is such a gorgeous combination - sexy but elegant. I'm quite happy with the outcome although I think my pen's dodgey as polish kept on oozing out the tip even when I wasn't squeezing the pen and it was upright. Apparently this isn't an uncommon problem with the Models Own pens so if it persists I'm going to have to exchange it. The line was thicker than I would have liked it to be but I blame this on the dodgey pen! And I was going to do all my nails but realised I wouldn't be able to do my right hand as neatly as my left so kept it to an accent nail. I think I'll try it again when my pen's working properly, and I'd love to try this design using real lace or lace nail transfers.

Have a lovely new year everyone!

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