Friday, 19 August 2011

cycle chic

Today I went for a lovely riverside cycle with my boyfriend and I wore:

Grey zip-up hoody, H&M
Butterfly print vest, H&M
Black leggings, New Look
Grey boat shoes, Primark

I apologise for not including a full-length outfit photo in this post but it was just a casual look - once I've built up my cycle style I'll make sure I take some snaps! I was absolutely terrified before the cycle today because I used to go cycling all the time with my dad and brother about 10 years ago but hadn't cycled since. My boyfriend made/painted me this bike for my birthday last year and it's so pretty, with its milkshake pink colour and tan leather grips with little tassles on the end. I felt guilty not riding it but its too pretty to not be shown off so today I conquered my fear and ended up really enjoying the cycle. I think it's just the initial part of getting balance/trying to stop thinking I would get hit by a car and then after that it just comes naturally - I still need more practise though so I can build up confidence cycling on the road.
Anyway, cycling is fashionable. And if you need any proof here it is:

Bikes by Hermes, Chanel and Gucci

Photographed by Julia Kennedy for Tank

Thirty9Steps, the photography duo (also known as Sarah Blais and Hannah Sider) also styled the shoot

The Duchess, photographed by Mikael Wardhana and styled by Olivia Waugh

Vintage bikes add instant chic to any outfit. Add a basket for real vintage charm, some quirky sunglasses and a cute blouse to create cycle chic!
p.s. Check out this blog which has been dubbed one of the 'ten best fashion bloggers' and 'The Satorialist on two wheels' by The Guardian if you're craving more cycle fashion inspiration.

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