Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas ombre nails

I posted about my new Barry M Red Glitter Nail Paint last week, mentioning that it chipped quite easily. Well, after a few days, it had chipped a bit more so I saw the perfect opportunity to create Christmas ombre nails!

I transformed them from this:

To this (using Barry M Nail Paint in Green Glitter):

As the varnish is made up of glitter, I could have easily repaired the chips using the original varnish and it would have been barely noticable, but the texture is perfect for blending two colours together. I think this design would be really nice using two shades of the same glitter colour for a more subtle effect.


  1. love these!
    they're like christmasssy strawberries!

  2. haha thank you! yeah some little gold dots and theyd be perfect! x